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If you have a story idea or news tip that you want to send to FOX44 or ABC22, please send it to: Lesley Engle News Manager 298 Mountain View Drive Colchester, VT 05446 news@fox44now.com or lengle@fox44now.com 802-859-1344  More>>

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Viewers can purchase a DVD dub of a FOX44 news story by sending a written request to: Dub Request WFFF-TV 298 Mountain View Drive Colchester, VT 05446  More >>

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If you have any questions or concerns about the closed captioning on WFFF or WVNY, please contact us. More>>

FOX44 & ABC22 FCC Form 398

In order to access FOX44's Form 398 please click on the link below and type "WFFF" in the call sign field and the filing quarter for which you're searching.  More>>