Advertise with Local 22 WVNY and Local 44 WFFF

Why Advertise With Us?

At Local 22, Local 44 and our talented sales professionals offer the unique opportunity to create custom campaigns using two Television stations. We are committed to helping business owners grow their businesses by developing strategic campaigns that don’t just reach, but also engage the local community. Our stations offer the best in local news coverage, national programming, live sports, as well as web and mobile applications with

Harvey Adelberg

Jesse Alamed

Director of Sales
Local 22 WVNY & Local 44 WFFF
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Local Sales Manager
Local 22 WVNY & Local 44 WFFF
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Josh Bloomberg

John Black

Local 22 WVNY Team Lead
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Account Executive
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Quentin Harriger

Zara Vincent

Account Executive
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Account Executive
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