February Begins Smoother, Slight Bumps Ahead

Published 02/10 2014 09:45AM

Updated 02/10 2014 09:58AM

Red=warmer than avg, blue=colder
Red=warmer than avg, blue=colder/Fox44/Abc22
The month of February has begun smoother compared to January, that is when looking at *huge* temperature swings!

You can find the day-by-day breakdown of February thus far for the Burlington area within the attached picture. Sure we've had our typical above average and below average temperatures, but so far through the first one-third of the month it has been a smoother ride than January. This year began with huge dips, then a thaw, then large dips again. February is just about average so far (in terms of temperatures) as the Burlington area is coming off three straight months of below average temperatures.

The outlook for February is for about-average temperatures as rises and falls continue, though at least not to the extent of the previous month.  We're in a weather pattern that occasionally gives us cold blasts of air, but those cold blasts are not lasting as long as the ones in January, nor as intense. Our daylight has eclipsed ten hours, the sun angle for the northern hemisphere is increasing, and we're feeling the power of the sun heating our days as a climb out of winter. Still though, we have more darkness than light and our nights can get VERY cold, especially after a recent snowfall.

The Climate Prediction Center issues weekly and monthly outlooks for temperatures and precipitation. You can access the whole site (courtesy NOAA) here:  http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/

All the meanwhile precipitation is expected to be greater than average, or at least a greater chance of having precipitation on our area. A cool mid-February is expected, but then a warmer late-February is very plausible. I'll let you sugarers know when it's time to get ready for sugaring!

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier

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