River Flooding: Useful Links

Published 04/09 2014 10:27AM

Updated 04/09 2014 10:47AM

A thawing Ausable River on Wednesday, April 9
A thawing Ausable River on Wednesday, April 9/NOAA/NWS
You'll hear us talk about flooding on television and social media quite a bit during April, but what happens when we're not around? Perhaps in between our news broadcasts or if you're not constantly following our Facebook feed, I'd like you to have the resources to watch for flooding.

Bottom line is the National Weather Service has GREAT pages for water information, flood forecasts, river status and predictions, weather discussions, and so forth. First let's start with what is happening now.

For an aerial coverage of what's happening now, go here:

It's a little slow to load, especially if you have a slower connection, so please be patient. Also this is probably best viewed on a laptop or PC rather than your mobile phone. All those circles and squares you see are USGS water gages. Green is good, it means no flooding is occurring:

Green = below flood stage
Yellow = near flood stage
Orange = minor flood stage
Red = moderate flood stage
Purple = major flood stage

Hover your mouse over the river to get the name of it and the gage location. You can click on it to get a graph, then click on the picture again to get more detailed information about the river forecast and impacts at certain water levels.

From the above website you can get river forecast information and so much more data if you scroll down a little bit. Another website I like is this one. It's from the USGS and from this page you can go to the Stream flow section which gives you a below, average, or high water value for each river, drought forecasts, flood forecasts, etc. You can also get data for Lake Champlain here and on the previous link.

Finally, go to the National Weather Service's flood page or the forecaster's discussion for the local office at Burlington here. Scroll down to the bottom of the forecast discussion to see the Hydrology report and that will talk a lot about flooding.

I hope these are good links for you. Please e-mail me sglazier@fox44now.com if you have any questions about flooding or what to look for. Remember, never drive through flooded roads!

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