Sign of Spring: Biking To Work

Published 04/07 2014 09:43AM

Updated 04/07 2014 09:59AM

Steve Glazier on a ride, Fall 2012
Steve Glazier on a ride, Fall 2012/The Glaze
From Steve Glazier,

I pedaled my heart out this morning.

Well really I pedaled at a regular rate today but it has been since Autumn when I biked into work last. Thus my stamina and athleticism has tanked in the colder months.

Still though, it felt GREAT to get back on that two-wheeler and glide into the TV station parking lot. I make it a point to ride my bicycle as much as possible when the weather permits. For me the weather permits when it is dry, a wind less than 20 mph, and a temperature at or above 25 degrees, so in other words a few days of the year. Kidding. I bike most months of the year.

So this is probably a sign of Spring, right?! It's like in the winter when you see someone else's windshield wipers up on their car. Uh oh, snow is a'comin'. Or it's like if you see Vermont-native Jim Cantore show up somewhere, rumors of terrible weather on the horizon. At Fox44/Abc22 Steve's bike parked on the railing of the steps means it's going to be a decently-nice day.

It's a bit late this year, but I'm happy to pedal my way to destinations. I do it because of several reasons. The first and most important part is exercising and to stay healthy. The second, and it's a close second, is for our atmosphere. I really care about the air around us that we must breathe in. If I go on a four-hour morning show every weekday and talk about the weather, I darn better do my part to make the air around us cleaner by cycling rather than shooting our emissions on my commute.

Here are some FAQ's about my bike trip:

  1.  How far do you have to bike?      

                Each way is about 7 miles  

   2.    How long does it take you?

               It takes about a half hour

   3.     Do you shower when you get there?

            This is a great question. No, I don't. Ha, I know...gross. But *trust me* I clean up when I get in, showered that day or the night before, and don't bike when it's extremely hot or humid.

   4.     Aren't you scared of getting hit?

           No I'm not. I'm very aware of my surroundings and am always looking out for cars/people/animals. I've biked 10,000+ miles in my life and I got used to the awareness.

   5.      Do you ride in with your suit on?

            Very common question, NO I don't. I keep 3-5 outfits at work of dress pants, shoes, jackets, ties, etc. In other words, I take up all of the Fox/Abc dressing room closet :)

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