Rouses Point Creates Neighborhood Watch

By Alex Rose

Published 08/06 2014 11:20PM

Updated 08/06 2014 11:33PM

Rouses Point, NY- This small town in Clinton County, New York has reached its breaking point.

After multiple burglaries in the area, the people of rouses point gathered to form a community watch Wednesday.

"When there's people out there watching, and the word is out there, that there's neighborhood watch, and it's worked in other communities,” said Rouses Point Mayor George Rivers. “It's worked well."

People have tried to create a watch in past years, but it didn't last.

This time around New York State Police came to give them some structure and advice.

Police even showed how these burglaries happen.

They say these burglaries are happening while it's still light out. The first thing a robber is going to do is check if there's a car in your driveway.

If that's not the case, they'll walk right up and knock on your door. If no one answers they're going to try to find a way to break into your home.

"They’ll grab drugs, they want to grab cash, they want to grab anything that's valuable, jewelry for the most part, and get out," said Clinton County Assistant District Attorney Tim Blatchley.

Mayor Rivers says the understaffed local police department can't handle the entire area.

"When you have one and one half patrol men, you can't cover this village 24-seven," Rivers said.

He hopes the presence of a community watch will deter future crime.

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