Nothing Happens.. Until it Sticks

At Creative Labels of Vermont it is our goal to make your vision a reality. Over 30 years in business, our caring and dedicated employees have an unmatched expertise in helping select the perfect paper, adhesive, color and texture to ensure your label is not only beautiful but, that it sticks.

The number one misconception about labels, is that a label, is just a sticker. When you place labels on different textured containers that may be wet, dry, frozen, or rubbed against, not just any label will work. Failure is not an option for our clients when it comes to delivering their products to market, on time, and in great condition. In our creative consultation we pay close attention to the details that will make your project functional and give you the best results. Whether your need is 100 or 1,000,000 labels, make Creative Labels of Vermont the first place you call, when you need to brand your product.

Product Expertise

We print labels at the speed of "right"
  •  - 6 flexographic presses run large quantity printing jobs
  •  - 2 digital presses print smaller runs
  •  - Thermal printers produce our barcodes and other numerical sequencing projects
  •  - While we've been here a long time, all our equipment is cutting edge
Professional Services
  • Labels of different size, shape, color, texture, adhesive etc. If you need it, just ask.
  • Design and Production services
  • Wholesale blank stickers
  • Wholesale paper
Self-Printing Solutions
  • We sell and service home printing tools as well!
  • Thermal Printers are an excellent small business solution for printing labels, producing "best buy" or serial code labels. Is investing in a Thermal Printer a good investment for your business? Find out here!



Creative Labels of Vermont

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