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Fueling the Future

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - Bourne's Energy is the local expert for your energy needs. At Bourne's we understand that trust is earned and that acting "local" is more than just something you say. We're delivering exceptional service, equipment, installation and maintenance from dedicated professionals with each and every opportunity.

Bourne's Energy is a family owned and operated Vermont business that pays close attention to the people and communities around us. We believe in Vermonters and over the years have built our reputation for being a contributing member of our community by looking after the quality of life, the environment and the air we breathe.

Heating Experts

There are many reasons why you want a friend in the heating business. Regular inspections will keep your existing equipment running safely and with increasing fuel costs we find many people are looking to us for ideas on how to save. Whether you have an emergency, want to improve your efficiency or, want to diversify our home heating methods to include a wood, gas or pellet option; Bourne's can help you navigate the array or options. 
Contact Bourne's Energy today to learn more about the different types of heating fuels available in your area!

Cooling Your Home

Bourne's Energy offers a variety of cooling methods for our residential and commercial friends. While some of us are happy to brave the warmer temperatures, using air conditioning during the summer does more than just make you comfortable. Air Conditioning removes humidity from the air; the perfect "comfort level" of humidity is about 40%. Removing humidity from your home will help you sleep better at night as well as help remove excess moisture from the home. Ever notice how your doors start to stick in the summer or that musky smell that sometimes arises? That is the humidity talking! Aside from your comfort and keeping the moisture out of your home, don't overlook your pets. Their coats are efficient for warming and cooling year round but during the hottest days with high humidity your pets will thank you when you help them stay comfortable too.

Bourne's Energy offers a host of solutions for cooling your home from full home systems to simpler and easier to install single and multi-room units. If you are unsure where to start, contact us so that we can examine your needs for each season.. We might just have the right unit to help you all year round!

Maintaining your Equipment

Regular maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems is a necessity. Just like your car, a well maintained furnace will burn less fuel and will operate cleaner and more efficiently. Over time, not only is this good for the environment but this maintenance can help prevent costly and unexpected repairs. This is why we recommend annual tune-ups.

Are you still on the fence about replacing your old furnace, boiler or other piece of equipment? We understand it can be an expensive decision but there are many reasons to invest before and emergency occurs:
  • An older piece of equipment can cost you when it breaks - and it will break. Putting band-aids on old units can keep them running but in the long run become costly.
  • New equipment is a wise investment that will pay off in the long run
  • Efficient equipment saves money and has less impact on the environment
  • More comfort, control and conveniences are built into modern equipment
  • Reliability and confidence come with a new piece of equipment

Commitment to our Environment

In Vermont, heating your home isn't an option, it is a necessity. At Bourne's Energy we can provide you a host of insight and opportunity to make your heating and cooling choices not only good for the environment but, easy on the wallet. Bourne's Energy is a Vermont Environmental Business Partner and as such, we select our products and services with the future of our environment in mind.

Frequent Questions

Will I use more fuel if I have automatic delivery?
  • The frequency of delivery will not affect how much fuel you will consume. Factors that impact fuel consumption are outside temperature, inside temperature settings, the age and condition of your heating/cooling unit, additional people in the house (holiday guests), other heating methods taking out of operation, etc...
  • Automatic deliver is actually a good thing. Having an automatic delivery schedule will ensure that you never run out of fuel which coincidently, is the cause many water damage insurance claims each winter.
  • Having an automated delivery schedule also helps us control our delivery costs. By having a set route we can save time and fuel when making our deliveries!
I heard "tune-ups" are just a way for you to make more money, is this true?
  • Not true, tune-ups are a service that we offer and the charge for the service pays for the truck, tools and technicians time that is spent at your home performing the service. The benefit of tune-up services are the following:
    • A cleaner, more efficient burning furnace will consume less fuel and save you money over time
    • Preventative maintenance can spot an issue before it becomes an emergency. No one wants a furnace breakdown on the coldest days of the season.
    • If you have a boiler system, this maintenance can increase the amount of heat that reaches some of the rooms in your home
    • When performing a tune-up we check the furnace for Carbon-Monoxide leaks to ensure your family stays healthy
  • It is our suggestion that you perform an annual tune-up on your heating and cooling equipment annually to ensure it is running cleanly, safely, and stays worry free.
Can you use BioDiesel or BioHeat in cold weather climates?
  • We are Vermonters too and if these fuel sources did not work here we would not be investing in them to help promote a cleaner environment. BioDiesel and BioHeat work great in Vermont so if you have questions about what these are and how you might be able to use them please, give us a call!
Bourne's Energy is very active in my community, am I paying for this?
  • Bourne's Energy is engaged in many of the communities we service by supporting local area Food Shelves, Cancer Networks, the United Way and local fuel assistance networks. In no way do we inflate our prices to make giving back to our communities possible. Without our caring customers and the communities we serve our business would not be possible and as such, we choose to share some of our profits back to the communities we care so much about. Click here to learn more about our community involvement.

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