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Barb & Curtis Trousdale

Management Systems Specialist
Marketing Systems Specialist
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Impact Marketing SystemTM
Selling your property is quite possibly one of the largest financial transactions you will make in your life. At Preferred Properties in South Burlington VT, we understand the significance and importance of this life changing event and we take working with you very seriously. In our experience, straight talk leads to winning results: getting your property SOLD quickly and at the highest price. 

With over 20 years of combined local real-estate experience, the Broker/Owners of Preferred Properties, Barb & Curtis Trousdale, have weathered the ups and downs of the real-estate industry here in Vermont. Drawing from their collective experience, Barb & Curtis have developed the Impact Marketing SystemTM.

Im-pact: verb To influence and effect forcefully

The Impact Marketing SystemTM is the differentiating factor between Preferred Properties and other agencies. This system is a Calculated Methodology that has been developed over time to create a comprehensive marketing package that positions your property strategically within our market, while providing the broadest range of marketing exposure possible. Combined with Barb & Curtis' years of real-estate negotiation experience, this potent combination is designed to deliver the best terms of sale on your property.

Any agent can list your property within the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) but, only Preferred Properties will make an IMPACT - Before, during and after the sale. For a personal consultation with Barb & Curtis Trousdale or to learn more about the Impact Marketing SystemTM click here.


Before the Sale

  • Positioning Appointment - The most crucial step in the home selling process is to create a customized marketing plan that expertly positions your home within the current real-estate market. This imperative step in the home selling process can sometimes be the most difficult for a seller to understand and is most often the step where most agencies begin to fail. During this consultative meeting with you, we conduct a "Property Positioning Analysis" that helps pinpoint your goals and needs while identifying how to properly price and market your property.
  • Straight Talk Review - During this in-depth discussion we examine your goals of the sale and help you forge a realistic plan in achieving them. We plan how to stage your property and identify the steps and tasks that will keep everyone on track to facilitating the smoothest possible transaction.
  • Vendor Connections - Based on our review we will look to our large network of Preferred Vendors to help select the right services and professionals that you will need throughout the home selling process. You may use your own resources however; we feel that it serves as an added bonus to know that each of these vendors has a positive working history with us and that they haven't been randomly selected.

During the Sale

  • Expert Exposure - With 20+ years of combined real estate marketing experience, Barb & Curtis Trousdale know the keys to successfully marketing your home to qualified, in-market buyers. Anna Syrell, our full time Marketing Systems Specialist and Mike Wrobel, our Listing Systems Specialist are experts in creating dynamic marketing materials that will be used to syndicate your listing to literally 1,000's of the best real estate search engines around our region. They work tirelessly to spread the word through social media, YouTube and CraigsList, just to name a few others. Most importantly, and more than other agencies, we are experts in maximizing local REALTOR networks and MLS systems to their fullest. All of this adds up to create the greatest marketing IMPACT for your property. 
  • Seamless Listing Process - Just one of the key components of the Impact Marketing SystemTM is the 95 point checklist which guarantees your property receives every resource we provide. From start to finish, this process is overseen daily by Sharrah LeClair, our Management Systems Specialist.
  • Constant Contact and Market Assessment - Listing your property for sale can be a stressful time but, with Barb & Curtis Trousdale as your support team, you can rest easy. Barb & Curtis will handle all the details for you while staying in constant and direct contact throughout the entire process. During this time, they will be constantly monitoring and assessing your property's marketing statistics and offering strategies to react to market demands to help ensure your home sells quickly.
  • Experienced Negotiations - Both Barb & Curtis are trained negotiators closing on average, 10 times more sales than the average Vermont real estate agency. This means that when they have a buyer or even multiple buyers interested in your property, they have the talent, knowledge and experience, to effectively negotiate the best terms and ideal outcome for you. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with our No Commitment Listing Agreement - We are so confident that our Impact Marketing SystemTM will work for you that we are willing to put it in writing - if you are not satisfied with our services for any reason - FIRE US! No hidden fees, no hidden buyout, no hassle. You are in control, the way it should be!

After the Sale

  • The Long Haul - Our services don't end at the closing table. Surprisingly, many agents don't even attend the closing and for the few that do, many just collect their check and rush off to the next buyer. You can rest assured that when you work with Barb & Curtis Trousdale of Preferred Properties that they will take care of you from your first call to well after the closing. They are always just a phone call or an email away should you ever have any questions or concerns after your closing occurs. Additionally, Barb & Curtis pride themselves in helping their clients with post sale consulting such as:
    • Providing opinions on Home Improvements that will improve your home's value
    • Evaluating Current Market Value for refinancing
    • Guidance through the town grievance process which may result in property tax reduction
    • Notary services, and much more

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