Meet our Sleep Experts

Steve Morrell

LucasdeSousa_4.2012051.jpgI started my life of selling home furnishings right here at 4050 Williston Road, working on the delivery truck for the prior store back in 2003. My background was in hospitality and carpentry. I learned everything about furniture and mattresses before I even stepped foot on the sales floor, and I've been involved in every part of the Vermont Bed Store since I painted the walls in 2007.

I had grown up in a small village in East Corinth VT. I went to school in Randolph and took some classes in the building trades, which started me down the road of Vermont made furniture. I really grew to appreciated the background it gave me. Over the years I visited factories, workshops, and markets.

Surrounding myself in that kind of atmosphere really strengthened my knowledge of all types, shapes, and sizes of mattresses, beds and Vermont made furniture. Because of this, I got better at putting together the puzzle of confusion that customers often experienced when they first came into the store, wanting to achieve a better night's sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

I began on the sales floor in 2004 and have remained there ever since. Back then there really weren?t many different types of products. Today, there are hundreds of different products out there and we constantly have to be educating ourselves as to how they can benefit our customers. I enjoy my work because it changes lives.

I've slept on the same Comforpedic since 2007, and my bedroom set was made in Vermont over 10 years ago. Are you making your own platform bed? Struggling with fibromyalgia or osteoporosis? Want to make sure you get the right size for you, your partner, and the 4-legged menagerie that sleeps with you? Come see me - I'm your Champlain Valley Sleep Expert.


Tara Farrell

TARA_HEADSHOT.jpgI grew up in Jericho, graduated from Rice, and earned a BS in Economics from the College of Charleston, South Carolina. I returned to Vermont to work with my dad at Wendell's Furniture in Colchester, helping in sales and administration, before moving on to become a Staffing Recruiter and Branch Manager at Adecco, a global workforce solutions leader. I joined the Vermont Bed Store in 2007, as Business Manager, where Steve and I selected the mattresses, beds, Vermont made and kids' furniture. I also hired and trained our staff, and created our marketing strategy. And... I tried out all the beds in the store... a lot.

After 10 years, I'm a total mattress nerd. I once sweet talked a mattress rep into getting me a tour of a foam factory, just so I could see more about how beds are made. We're always seeing who's read the latest sleep studies or learned all about the latest materials. We're very selective about our vendors, and we tour factories often to make sure we stay at the top of our game.

When working with customers or training sleep consultants, I focus on three things: a casual environment where customers feel comfortable; creating comparisons where people can make their own choices; and learning all about our products and customers.

I've slept on Gold Bond, Beautyrest, Tempur-pedic and Enso mattresses, and my pillow collection includes Comforpedic, Tempur-pedic, and Dr. Breus. I have Copeland, Bolton, Atlantic, and Innovations furniture in my home.

Want to know if memory foam is hot, if that pillow is really going to help your neck ache, or whether those self closing drawer glides will make a difference? Does your child really need a toddler bed? Come see me - I'm your Champlain Valley Sleep Expert.


Emma Eastman

Emmaprofilepic.jpgI have grown up with a great appreciation for all things Vermont. I've lived everywhere from rural Washington County to the heart of Burlington, and I consider anywhere in Vermont to be my home. I graduated from South Burlington High School in 2012 and majored in Environmental Science at the University Of Vermont. After a semester at UVM, I decided to take time off to get experience under my belt and begin networking in the community.

Helping someone pick out a mattress is an intimate process; we ask a lot of pretty personal questions. My favorite part of my job is making those connections with customers. When they see that I'm really listening to them, they start to feel comfortable sharing the details of their lives with me. It's a great way to be a contributing member of my community.

Looking back on my own training, I can see firsthand how confusing it can be to search for the right mattress. When I first began at Wendell's Vermont Bed Store, I was overwhelmed by information. Now that I've learned all about our mattresses, beds, Vermont made and kids' furniture, helping people sort though all that information to find what works for their home is easy. I like to keep things simple and fun.

I have a Gold Bond futon in my home. Are you a first time mattress buyer, and want someone you can relate to, to help with those personal questions? College student looking for the best possible deal on a super comfy bed? Or need a little extra help with interior decorating for your sleep sanctuary? Come see me - I'm your Champlain Valley Sleep Expert.