Proudly Providing Vermont Quality, Worldwide!

Vermont Moving & Storage will make you feel right at home when you move anywhere in the world. Whether your journey starts or ends in Vermont, we make sure you receive high quality Vermont style of service every step of the way! Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive, dependable and experienced moving services available.

For a lot of people moving can be a scary experience and trusting strangers with your belongings, even more frightening. At Vermont Moving and Storage we take this challenge seriously and it is our goal to help you plan and complete your move successfully. Many moving companies are staffed with anyone that can move a box; at Vermont Moving & Storage we have a dedicated team of professionals that are both skilled and knowledgeable in how to pack and transport your valuable belongings. Every relocation has at least a Crew Manager and sometimes even one of our Owners right there ensuring your move goes smooth. With Vermont Moving & Storage we guarantee you will experience the best relocation ever!

Packing & Protecting

Proper packing is the single most important step in ensuring a successful relocation. For customers that want to pack their own boxes we offer packing tips and materials that will help ensure your personal treasures stay safe. Packing can be a lot of work when you are planning a move. This is why we offer experienced and skilled packing teams that can pack your home quickly and efficiently.


Local Moving
  • Whether you are moving down the street or up the state, Vermont Moving and Storage can help simplify your move by doing the heavy lifting for you. For local moves, we can work with you to share the work or do all the work for you. Give us a call today to see how easy we can make moving.
Long Distance Moving
  • Vermont Moving & Storage is ready to help you move anywhere within the continental United States. As a professional and experienced long distance moving company we are fully licensed and insured to transport across state lines. Wherever your destination, we ensure the safety and care of your belongings and guarantee on-time pick-up and delivery so that you can concentrate on your new beginning.
  • Looking to move internationally? We can help there too! 
  • Contact us today for a free estimate!
Commercial Moving
  • Moving a business is a mission critical event because the more time spent moving, the greater the impact to the customers, employees and revenue. When considering a business move, you can't trust just any mover.
  • Through years of experience Vermont Moving & Storage has creates an organizational method that begins with recognizing your needs and communicating the plan to you so that we can coordinate the critical efforts, activities, labor and equipment that will be needed to move you into your new space, economically and satisfactorily. 
  • Click here to see the 8 Step Process that will move your business, and minimize your downtime. 
Clean & Secure Storage
  • Whether it is short term of long term storage we offer convenient, safe and affordable storage solutions. 
  • Our storage is not "self-storage" which means, our space is cleaner and more secure than standard storage options. Our strict security guidelines prohibit walk through traffic so that no one will have access to your storage vault without your stated permission.
  • All items that go into our storage facility are inspected to prevent hazardous or infested materials from entering the building. Between these inspections and our climate controlled environment you can rest assured that the way you belongings go into storage will be the way they come out of storage.
  • Click here to read more about the difference between self-storage and our storage solutions!

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