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Roofing and Siding not only adds character and beauty of your home but, they also serve as your homes first line of defense against harsh Northeast weather. As your local expert in Roofing and Siding, Shingle City knows what Mother Nature will throw at your home on a regular basis. Armed with the proper tools, materials and experience necessary; we work with you to ensure your home is well protected from the elements. Ensuring that your home is protected doesn't just add piece of mind but, can also increase home value and even lower your monthly bills!

Over the last 28 years Dana Shappy has built his reputation and grown his business by performing honest, clean and quality work for his clients. Exercising care and consideration for your home as well as jobsite safety, Shingle City crews work quickly and effectively to complete your job on time without disturbing your normal routine. Shingle City Roofing and Siding does not subcontract jobs to other companies so, when you contract with Shingle City the crews that complete your job are guaranteed to be following the same code of ethics that have made Shingle City a success over all these years. Fully licensed and insured, Shingle City Roofing & Siding is ready to help answer your questions and provide a free estimate where necessary.

Roofing Experts

Your roof is more than just shingles on wood. A roof holds or sheds snow based on the needs of your home and protects your eves from water and ice. The roof on your home also plays an important role in your overall energy efficiency plan that helps insulate the interior rooms against the elements. Trust a professional next time you consider roofing because one small nail hole can produce thousands of dollars in interior damage!

How do you know when it's time for a new roof?

  • Roof age - if your roof was installed prior to 2010, chances are it will have a 20-25yr effective service life
  • Signs of algae, mold, or liken growth
  • Small leaks or stains on the ceiling
  • Curling or buckling of shingle edges
  • Excessive winter ice damming
  • Wear and tear on the valleys of your roof is noticeable
  • Areas on the roof, generally larger than a nickel, are missing the roofing granules
  • Still unsure? We don't expect you to be the expert, contact us for a free no hassle evaluation!

What are your roofing options?

  • Shingles
    • We offer many different colored and textured shingles that will add to your homes curb appeal.
    • Specialty shingles resist moss growth.
    • Up to 50yrs, guaranteed!
    • Contact us to see all the options we have available and to discuss which type of shingle would be best for your location
  • Metal
    • If you plan on being in your home for a long time or just love the sound of the rain, metal roofs are an easy to maintain option for your home.
    • Metal roofing offers longer lifetime protection for your home than regular architectural shingles.

Experts in Siding Repair and Installation

Siding is the number one way we improve the look of our home. Whether you like funky shades of color or earth tones, Vinyl Siding is the most common siding used on today's homes. Around Vermont you will see many Cedar Shake or Log Cabin look homes that add beautiful rustic tones to our area. Whatever your siding need, it is our job to listen and ask questions so that we can provide the best suggestions on which products to use in your project. Here are a few things to keep in mind about your siding project:
  • Insulation: Too often, we get into a siding project only to find that the original layer of insulation behind the siding was inadequate for our climate. Should we encounter this challenge at your home, we can choose to stick with it or, provide options for improving your overall efficiency.
  • Repairs: Accidents happen and re-siding an entire home can be expensive. If an accident occurred with a car, tractor or grill we have access to numerous suppliers that can help us find the right color and texture to match your home affordably. 
  • Insurance: Sometimes, weather events in and around our area can damage your home. We can help you evaluate the extent of the damage and provide an upfront estimate that will help you determine if filing a claim is even necessary. If it is, we work with Insurance companies all the time and can help you navigate this process.

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