The Vermont Bed Store
4050 Williston Road
S Burlington, Vermont 05403
Phone: (802) 861-7777



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Why Vermont Bed Store?

There's only one Vermont Bed Store! This team of sleep experts has decades of experience, hundreds of hours of training, and thousands of satisfied customers to ensure you receive the industry's finest service and your best night's sleep.

At The Vermont Bed Store in South Burlington, they'll help you make sense of it all:
  • mattress types such as spring, latex, memory foam and hybrid;
  • brands like Beautyrest, Tempurpedic, Comforpedic and Nature's Rest;
  • styles - firm, plush, pillow top, double sided and more;
  • conventional and platform bed frames and hardwood furniture, many made in VT
They offer an educational approach to all products (those they carry as well as those they don't!), trends and the latest technology while allowing you to draw on the collective experience of their many satisfied customers.

From this team of Champlain Valley Sleep Experts at the Vermont Bed Store, you'll get:
  • over 25 years of combined knowledge of sleep products
  • over 200 hours annual training including factory visits
  • personalized, private sleep evaluation and consultation in a casual, no pressure setting
  • 30 to 365 night sleep comfort guarantees
  • diverse, highly selective array of mattresses at a fair and easy to understand price
  • knowledge of relevant topics such as new products and technologies, environmental impact, and health and wellness
  • tenured, white-glove delivery and warranty service even years after your purchase
  • majority locally and regionally produced products
These guys are experts for a simple reason: they love what they do, and they love being the best at it. Think your sleep problem is too tough to solve? Test them - bring your last mattress drama, your consumer reports, research notes, even your cranky partner!  They love a challenge, and they love to help people sleep well. The Vermont Bed Store is your Champlain Valley Sleep Expert.

What's the price of a bad night's sleep?

Many of us in Vermont would rather gear up to buy a new set of snow tires than shop for a mattress. It's a big ticket expense, the selection can be overwhelming, and we feel a ton of pressure to buy exactly the right thing. So, we put it off - until our bodies have had enough and everything in the store feels better than what we have at home.

Studies show that getting your best rest can help improve immune function, judgment, memory, and maintaining a healthy weight. Imagine the flip side of that list and you'll see that the price of a bad night's sleep can be way too high. A good mattress and some healthy sleep habits are your coupon to cutting that cost.

Price is important in choosing a new mattress. At The Vermont Bed Store in South Burlington, they've simplified helping you find the right bed for your back and your budget. It's called the Personal Value Equation, and it's different for everyone. Keep it in balance, and you get that best night's sleep at a price that works for you.

The Personal Value Equation is:
   Comfort (what helps you fall asleep)
+ Support (what helps you stay asleep)
+ Durability (how often you have to replace your mattress)
+ Price (what you pay)
 = Value (what you get)

Just rate these 4 things according to your lifestyle and preferences, and know where to focus your attention. Uncomfortable and awake at 3am? That sale price won't seem like such a big savings. Mattress shopping again in a couple years? You might not remember what a great deal you got. Wake up revitalized, rejuvenated, and recharged; and that bed will be worth every penny! Whatever Value means to you, The Vermont Bed Store is your Champlain Valley Sleep Expert.