Fit on Fox: Boot Camp Cards

Published 05/21 2014 10:21AM

Updated 05/22 2014 10:32AM

Using a 52-card deck, set an exercise to the card's suit. For instance, here's what you can do:

Hearts = burpees
Diamonds = push ups
Clubs = squat jumps
Spades = bicep curl and overhead press

Now the next step. Each card's number signifies the number of repetitions you will do. So here's an example:

5 hearts = 5 burpees
10 clubs = 10 squat jumps

Now let's put that together. You have 30 minutes to go through the whole deck of cards! If you leave the two jokers in the deck, that counts as a wild card. That means you can choose any exercise and any number of reps.

Steve Glazier tried this in Alli Fitzgerald's 30 minute boot camp class at Marketplace Fitness on Church Street in Burlington. Steve had very little rest in between cards, making it all that much tougher. Here's a snapshot of the interview he had with Fitzgerald:

Alli: "I love the deck of cards! So the deck of cards is totally random. Flip over
a card, whatever suit it is, that is the exercise we do and whatever number it is that is
how many number of reps we do."
Steve: "We're hoping low and the easy suit."
Alli: "No we're hoping hearts because burpees are always hearts! It's a great class, it's 30 minutes, you get cardio, you get strength training, all done in 30 minutes."
Steve: "Are we going to go through all these cards?"
Alli: "Our goal this class is to go through the entire deck."

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