Fit on Fox: Chopping, Stacking Wood

Published 08/20 2014 10:34AM

Updated 08/20 2014 11:20AM

Fit on Fox turns seasonal now, swinging toward the Autumn and Winter seasons!

Before the cold weather sets in, Fit on Fox creator Steve Glazier put a call and question out to coworkers in the newsroom, friends on social media, and those passing by: "Do you have any wood that you need chopped and stacked?"

Of course Steve had several replies from his offering of free labor. He wasn't going to do it all, but a chunk of chopping and stacking for this week's exercise program.  Steve went to South Hero, VT where there were pieces of tree almost as heavy as he himself! The homeowner gave Steve a couple of tools, including those sunglasses, and let him get to work.

Steve chopped and stacked wood in small pieces for 30 minutes, occasionally taking a break to wipe his brow of sweat and checking his heart rate. Steve went at a steady pace and when he checked his heart rate twice, it was around 125 beats per minute and then around 135 bpm. He chopped and stacked a fair amount of small-sized wood pieces in the half-hour, noting the lower back as the most tense muscle and overall feeling pretty worked after that short amount of time.

This week's Fit on Fox is a necessity for a lot of folks who have to heat their homes with firewood and getting ready for the colder season is certainly an awesome full-body workout!

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