Fit on Fox: Form

Published 04/09 2014 10:56AM

Updated 04/09 2014 10:58AM

How’s your form? Many people jump right into their workouts and want to lift/move some heavy weights and feel the burn, but hold on a second! Steve Glazier found out how important form is in this week’s edition of Fit on Fox.

For that, he visited Body Resolution in South Burlington on Williston Road. There, the fitness center focuses on one-on-one training with clients, improving their balance, form, and technique, while teaching them nutrition and workouts to improve their posture and strength, or whatever they may be training for.

Steve went through an exam with Body Resolution Owner James Henley. James had Steve do a few exercises and immediately determined weaknesses in parts of his core and body. By doing so, James was able to pinpoint where form was worse and gave Steve some pointers on how to improve it. The goal was to prevent future injury while doing exercises!

There is a lot of information we didn’t include in this story about Body Resolution and the assessment the trainers do, but you can find out more regarding that at

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