Fit on Fox: Nutrition

Published 03/19 2014 07:26AM

Updated 03/27 2014 10:40AM

Fit on Fox has been produced for several weeks now, but let's talk about what may be the most important part of it....eating!

Nutrition is a *huge* part of reaching your goals and ambitions, at least according to EDGE Sports & Fitness Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Andrew Berry.

Berry, who runs his own website on the side, says there is no one diet that works because we are all different and require various nutritional needs. He does suggest the common practices you have probably heard, such as shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid processed foods, and choosing wild caught salmon opposed to farm raised.

Berry follows the phrase "You are what you eat." to an extent, but goes farther. He says, "You are what you eat has eaten." He uses wild caught salmon as an example, pointing to the food the fish eat and the benefit our body gets.

In terms of nutrition, since everyone is different, Berry suggests doing a lot of reading. Read journals, articles, and stay up to date on the latest health studies. He has written blogs on his website (linked above) which go into depth of food. Berry suggests shopping local, eating meat from nearby farms, and getting to know your local farmer. If you really want to get on a diet plan, he offers nutritional guidance for 12 weeks and a cost of about $200. That includes check ins multiple times each week to see how the diet and goals are going.

For a link to the full interview we had with Andrew Berry, follow this link to Steve Glazier's YouTube account.

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