Fit on Fox: Steve's Favorite Workout

Published 06/25 2014 08:45AM

Updated 06/25 2014 10:50AM

Fit on Fox began January 8, 2014 and still continues to run on your local FOX44 TV channel each Wednesday morning between 7 and 9. Host Steve Glazier has interviewed all types of people from rock climbers to paddleboard yoga instructors, but now finally himself!

That's right Steve Glazier took himself through one of his favorite workouts and explains it below:

"I call it the 'bar workout' where you get a bar, load some weight on, and do seven exercises without letting go of the bar for a break. You can use any different kind or weight of a bar, in this instance I will choose an Olympic size bar. Gripping the bar shoulder width apart do these seven exercises back to back with little or no break between, 12 repetitions each, then when you make it to the last exercise and finish it, do 2 more rounds! It is a fast, effective, and exhausting workout! To make it fun, time yourself and see if you can improve the time in the future.


Basic bicep curls, nice and slow!

High Pulls

Letting the bar rest at your hips in front of you and pulling the bar up to your chin, then letting it back down, leading with your elbows on the way up and concentrating on the shoulder muscles

Overhead Press

Pressing the bar overhead and bringing it back down to about face-level, then back up toward the ceiling, be careful not to hurt your back or shoulders, ask a personal trainer for help on form with this one!

Push up and Reach

Push ups on the ground with hands on the bar, while reaching out with one hand and lifting the opposite foot, then another push up and doing the same with the other hands/feet.

Ab Rollers

On the ground on your knees, roll the bar out and contract it back in using your core.


Bar on shoulders, lunge forward with one leg and back up, then lunge with the other leg.


With a straight back pull the bar from your knees to your hips, concentrating on the back muscles.

We've put pictures up of the exercises above. Ask a personal trainer how to do these exercises with the correct form because the last thing you want to do is get injured while trying to stay healthy! Trainers won't mind helping your form.

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