Fit on Fox: Tennis

Published 08/06 2014 10:21AM

Updated 08/06 2014 10:37AM

Fit on Fox host Steve Glazier hit the tennis court for a few drills at the Burlington Tennis Club. He spoke with Kristin Hartley, a tennis pro at the BTC. Here is her interview with Steve and the drills they did.

Steve: "Now Kristin what do you like about tennis and its exercising and health benefits?"

Kristin: "Oh tennis is an amazing sport. Preschoolers are out here and we have people all the way up to the age of 80 out here playing tennis. You can play it socially, you can play it as a beginner, you can play it as a competitive junior."

Steve: "Talk me through some of the exercises we just did."

Kristin: "The first thing we did was called switch singles. You play it like ping pong. You alternate with your partner. You hit one ball, they hit one ball, so it kind of gets crazy because you have to cover the whole court and work together. It's teamwork. It's fun. The next thing we did was top dog which is a doubles game. If you win the point, you run up, touch the net, and we throw up a lob, then you have to run it down, and win the second point to go over and be the top dog. The last one we played, which we don't often, is called lose your racquet. You hit one ball, get to the back of the line, and if you miss the ball you lose your racquet. So pretty soon the whole team has one racquet left and whoever is left with no racquet loses.

The BTC is also host to a very special wooden racquet tournament called the Woody Classic. This is a fundraiser in honor of the late Dan Bofigli who was a tennis pro in the Burlington area. The fundraiser is for the King Street Center in Burlington. It happens Friday-Sunday, August 8-10, 2014. This is a family-friendly event with games, food, drink, and of course the wooden tennis racquet tournament. For more information on the Woody Classic, click here. For more information about the Burlington Tennis Center, click here.

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