Fit on Fox: Wrestlers' Grip

Published 05/14 2014 09:53AM

Updated 05/14 2014 11:19AM

Do you want to wrestle? Perhaps read through this workout and watch the video if you're interested in building particular muscle groups, along with ideas/examples of how to do so.

Steve Glazier visited the United Fighting Arts Institute, located at 1891 Williston Road in South Burlington, Vermont. There he met with Gunnar Olson, a wrestling coach and Steve's coach for the day. Gunnar gave Steve plenty of difficult exercises to do in order to strengthen grip, neck muscles, core, and legs. Here they are listed below, you can see snapshots of most of these via the video above.

These exercises are to be done back to back, with short rests of :30-:60 to get your breath back!

Flipping Tire

Taking a tractor tire, flip it end over end for 50 yards, pausing when you need rest.

Dumbbell Carry

Carry (2) 100-lb dumbbells 50 yards, then turn around and return to the original spot (50 yds back) while carrying them. Use another weight or object that you're comfortable with

Bulgarian Bag Swing

Taking what is called a Bulgarian Bag, whip it around the back of your neck, around, and back in front of you, in one fluid movement. Do that motion for 20 times each way.


Bulgarian Bag Shoulder

Taking the bag, whip it up to land on the left shoulder, then down, and back up to the right shoulder, 20 times total.

Bulgarian Bag Grab

Grabbing the bag by its small handle on top, holding it up in the air, let go of it but grab it with the other hand before it hits the ground. Go back and forth without dropping the bag for 20 repetitions.

Sit up, Stand up, Throw

Laying flat on the ground with the Bulgarian Bag behind your head, swing the bag over your head as you stand to your feet via a sit up, then stand up and throw the bag in the air and catch it, all in one fluid movement, for 10 reps

Bulgarian Bag Hops

In a squat position with your bag on your shoulders, jump forward like a frog jump, jumping and landing with both feet at the same time.

This workout takes about 20 minutes to do. Gunnar, the coach, says he then hits the mat to practice wrestling. You can find out more about the Bulgarian Bag via this link, and the wrestling program here. More information on UFAI can be found here.

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