61-year-old running through all 251 Vermont towns, cities

VERMONT - A former Winooski man has almost reached his goal of running through all 251 of Vermont's towns and cities.

David "Devo" DeVarney, 61, a Vermont 251 Club member will complete his run Sunday, Nov. 12 at Winooski's Eugene Richards Memorial Park. He undertook the personal challenge which has enabled him to visit parts of the state he has never seen before.  DeVarney currently lives in Bristol, RI.

DeVarney started his journey April 24, 2016 when he ran the Maple Sap Run from Swanton to St. Albans.  Since then, he has visited Vermont two weeks every month, running nearly 9 miles a day.  Friends and family have acted as a shuttle, or DeVarney would return to each day's starting point on a bike.  When finished, he'll have run a little less than 1600 miles over 172 days.

The 61-year-old has documented each visit with hundreds of photos that are posted in his public Facebook albums.  Vermont 251 records show DeVarney is the first member to reach the goal by running.

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