Abandoned and Starving-Buddy's Story

Published 01/29 2014 06:21PM

Updated 01/30 2014 01:20PM

An abandoned dog was found in Richmond, emaciated and with a broken leg.

“This is the building he was in,” said Misty Baird, an employee at Richmond Home Supply.

On Sunday morning, Baird said a fellow employee went to unlock a supply shed, and was greeted by a dog- who was later named Buddy.

“We gave him some food, some warmth, water, and he was quite content all day,” said Baird.

That day Buddy hung out at the store, waiting for Pam Alexander, the Animal Control Officer.

“It broke my heart to see him in this condition,” said Alexander, the animal control officer for Richmond and Huntington.

Alexander says she has seen an increase in animal neglect.

“We do see a lot more neglect. I wouldn’t say that we see more abuse, but people are struggling to keep their animals fed,” said Alexander.

She says its likely Buddy was abandoned in the area and wandered into the shed, looking for shelter.

“He hasn't been out on his own in the cold, there's no frostbite, there's no cuts on his paws to indicate that he's been out trying to survive. This would say to us that he was in a situation where he was at least under roof but not being fed and not having his severe injury tended too,” said Alexander.

Buddy was taken to the vet for a checkup. He's severely underweight; the vet estimated he needs to gain at least 30 pounds.

“The first time he pooped, it was rocks. He had been eating rocks to fill his belly. That was a pretty heartbreaking thing to seem,” said Alexander.

He also has a broken femur; the vet says it's likely that injury happened at least seven to 10 weeks ago.

“He has fractures and splits in there, he's got shattered bone that’s gone into his muscle,” said Lisa Haynes of Save Our Strays.

Haynes has been called in to help Buddy find a foster home, and to help raise $2,500 to cover his medical expenses.

“To get in a condition such as Buddy has gotten into is just shameful and it shouldn't happen here or anywhere else,” said Haynes.

And Alexander says Buddy's case is one of the worst she's seen in years.

“I've seen some dogs that you can tell were struggling and the people who were struggling to feed them and they were doing their best. When I look at Buddy, nobody did close to their best,” said Alexander.

Buddy goes in for surgery Tuesday morning to fix his broken leg.

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