AG Candidate Profile: Deb Bucknam

By Rachel Aragon |

Published 10/26 2016 08:06PM

Updated 10/26 2016 08:13PM

St. Johnsbury attorney Deborah Bucknam wants to be Vermont’s next attorney general.


The Republican says she has the experience to hold the state accountable. She touts her longtime experience as a small town litigator.


“It’s not an easy business to be in,” says Bucknam.


The Vermont Law School alumna started  her own practice in 1986. Bucknam says she’s appeared in every court in Vermont, giving her clients the best legal service she can at the best price.


“That kind of skill and attitude is what I want to bring to the attorney general’s office, not just what are we doing, but are we reaching those goals more efficiently and effectively?”


Bucknam is a proud mother to two daughters who both graduated from Boston University Law School.


She says over the years she’s seen increased frustration from her clients over government services.

“They can’t get their permits on time, they can’t get an answer from the official they’re trying to reach.”


If elected as Vermont Attorney General, she wants to create what she calls a “Citizen's Small Business Protection Unit.”

“That will act as an ombudsman, people can call us, contact us when they are not getting the services they deserve from state government,” says Bucknam.   


Another issue she wants to tackle as the state’s chief law enforcement officer is the heroin epidemic.


“My concern is that the state of Vermont has focused almost entirely on treatment of the ill, treatment of the victims of addiction.”


As attorney general, she wants to focus on treatment and prevention and go after the drug traffickers.


“You get them off the street because they’re being flooded with heroin at this point,” says Bucknam. “This is not a risky place to do business for the drug traffickers. We have to make it a risky place. We have to make it a no-tolerance state.”


Bucknam says she’d revisit the state’s criminal codes to see what rules need to be reformed or tightened up.


With two weeks until the election, the Republican says she’s proud to be a small town lawyer running for Vermont Attorney General.


"The lack of ties to any influence, that will make it easier to affect that change," says Bucknam.

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