Armed Robber Backs Off After Store Owner Says She Won't Give Him Money

73 year-old to armed robbery suspect: "I'm not giving you my money!"

GEORGIA, Vt. - A 73 year-old Vermont woman is safe after state police say an armed man entered her store, the Center Market with a gun, demanding money.

Around 7:30 Monday morning, Jerrilyn Remillard, 73, Georgia, called police to tell them she had just been robbed at gunpoint.

Remillard gave police a description of the vehicle and told them it was on Route 7 headed towards Saint Albans.

A short time later, Saint Albans City Police found a match of the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

Inside, they found Jacob Robbins, 20 and Megan Russell, 25 both of Winooski. Police add their one year-old son was also in the back seat at the time.

Remillard says she was by herself Monday morning, making food the the Meals on Wheels program, when a man entered the store with a mask and hooded sweatshirt.

"So I get half way up the aisle and he puts, pulls out a gun and said, 'Give me your money!' And I said, 'I'm not giving you my money,'" said Remillard.

While she says her store has been broken into in the past, she says she's never been in this scenario.

"So he starts banging on the register and said, 'No, I mean give me the money out of the register! And I said, 'No! I'm not giving you money out of the register," said Remillard.

Remillard says it's at that point when her would-be robber ran off. She says the man wasn't able to get away with anything, not even a piece of her famous banana bread.

Remillard says since the store has been broken into so many times before, she and her sister, June got rid of the surveillance cameras, because they kept getting damaged.

She says this also isn't the first brush of violence in the store; her sister June was robbed at knife point some ten or so years ago.

Remillard says she actually is willing to give people money; she's known to help those on hard times, but they don't always pay her back.

"I'm getting frustrated because I trust so many people, and they never, they never follow through," said Remillard.

So, Monday morning, she had finally had it with people taking advantage.

"They just think you're rich 'cause you have a store, but I work hard for my money. I'm 73 years-old, I've been here for 38 years! So I don't need to be giving you my money for something that you don't need," said Remillard.

As for her bold actions, Remillard has one final thought.

"A lot of people [said to me], 'Boy you're brave, boy you're brave!' I said, 'Either that or stupid," laughed Remillard.

Vermont State Police say Robbins and Russell are both in custody and are charged with Attempted Assault and Robbery.

The pair will face a judge Tuesday morning.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and more charges may be pursued as the investigation unfolds.

Anyone with any information regarding the above individuals or the armed robbery is asked to call the Vermont State Police.

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