Barre City Loses Water After Water Main Break

Barre City, Vt. - An early morning water main break on Friday made it a difficult start to the weekend for many. The break occurred at around 5 the intersection of Maple and Summer Streets.

Crews on-site say say the break was rather large and challenging to find. Workers located the break Friday afternoon at which time the repair began.

Initially the impacts were widespread, but crews managed to restore water flow to a majority of the homes.

Residents we spoke with were making the most of it.

"Well I was going to make some coffee this morning but couldn't do that but now I have water and I am having a coffee at noon... They are pretty good at getting things fixed around here so I am proud of them," said Carrie Vendickerson, lost water Friday morning.

City leaders were not available for comment Friday afternoon but encouraged resident in a written memo to consider alternate water supplies for the time being. Once the water supply is restored, let it run on cold for at least 10 minutes.

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