Burlington International Airport faces delay, deals with winter storm

South Burlington, Vt. - Wacky winter weather not only caused headaches for some on the roads, but also for those traveling by air.

After nearly 60 degree weather and a January thaw Vermont winter has made a strong come back. However, one man traveling from Austin, Texas wasn't upset with Mother Nature.

"We live in the South and we fly up to Vermont," Hugh Brown said. "We love the coldest that you can give us for the week then we fly back to Texas and everything is good from there. We've had our winter."

Brown and his family have come up for what they call 'Winter Week' the last 30 years. This time, the winter wonderland created some delays.

"My brother and his family were flying up from Raleigh, North Carolina area to meet us," Brown said. "Unfortunately they got to Philadelphia and their flight to Vermont was canceled and they couldn't fly up here until tomorrow."

Officials at the Burlington International Airport said sometimes delays happen because it's snowing too hard to keep up with. Airfield Maintenance Foreman Travis Mott explained how crews stay ahead of Mother Nature.

"We're running around trying to get every little snowflake and snow ball picked off of this place," Mott said.

Mott said they try to maintain at least 80 to 100 feet wide on the runway and keep three main taxiways clear.

On Friday, it seems the game plan played out well.

"We pre-treated a lot of the areas last night just in preparation for the storm and luckily it seems to have worked for the most part," Mott said.

Another reason for delays and cancelations, Mott said, is the weather in the destinations. That seems to be the case for some of Brown's family.

"It's vacation," Brown said. "You can't mess up vacation. We're not at work. We're not at home."

However, Brown said since he will be with family the delays won't matter.

Burlington International Airport saw a total of 6 delays and 6 cancelations on Saturday.

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