Burlington Invests in Childcare for Low-Income Families

Burlington, Vermont -


The City of Burlington wants children from low-income families to have better access to childcare.


85 percent of Queen City families do not have access to high-quality childcare. If they do, the cost is often too high and childcare workers see low wages.


Tuesday, the city and partners introduced the Early Learning Initiative.


Officials will invest $500,000 annually into childcare programs.


The initiative opens up more slots for children from birth to three years old. Leaders say that is the most crucial time. You're literally creating the foundation of the rest of your life in these years.” Said Aly Richards, CEO of Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children. “It's not just cognitive development, reading and writing, it's also social and emotional development, its health development. You're literally setting yourself up to not have chronic disease, you're literally setting yourself up to not need special supports in K through 12."


The city will fund the early learning initiative using "pilot" money which under Vermont’s education funding laws, can no longer be paid directly to Burlington schools.

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