Burlington Native finishes the Race he started 1 year ago

By Christine Souders | csouders@nexstar.tv

Published 04/21 2014 09:32PM

Updated 04/21 2014 09:40PM

BOSTON, MASS- "Good Morning runners! And welcome to the 118th running of the Boston Marathon."

Amongst a sea of runners, racers, and plenty of buses Monday morning prior to the start of the 2014 Boston Marathon was Burlington native Ryan Polly.

"I'm feeling excited, I was certainly feeling nervous. but mostly nervous just because I want to get going. grateful to be here again and just ready to finish."

He, like many runners from last year's race are back to finish a marathon they never had the chance to complete.

"For me it's like two years in the making.

Hundreds of runners, just like Polly have been waiting two years now to finish the Boston Marathon. returning to Boston, seeing the course, and remembering the tragedy of last year can create a wave of emotions for those runners.

"Well, you know, especially today. I think just walking down to the commons and passing the finish line it's like I refuse to look at the finish line. It's registering a lot of emotions. It's kind of hard to fight back tears. I saw a lot of the signs, people wrote lets be peaceful."

After two years of traning and waiting, Ryan takes off to hopkinton for the start of his marathon.

"Now for every racer that's competing in the marathon this year you can track their progress using your smart phone. All you have to have is their bib number. Now Ryan's number is 32487 he's about half way there just a little more than 13 miles through the course."

And after just over four hours, Ryan's two year journey comes to an end.

"Definitely tired my body is like

"I need to go lay down. But the flipside of it is super adrenaline and I'm just really proud and happy that I was able to finish."

"I don't know. We'll see what it feels like when I get to finish."

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