Burlington Police: Man Arrested for Allegedly Starting a Knife Fight in City Hall Park

BURLINGTON, Vt. - Burlington Police say a transient man was arrested for allegedly starting a knife fight in City Hall Park on Thursday morning.

Police say just after 10 a.m., John Tubbs, 27, was intoxicated and tried to engage a number of people into a physical confrontation.

According to police, Tubbs was reported to be wrestling with a man when Todd Sicca tried to break the fight. Police say Tubbs then tried to fight Sicca and Sicca pulled out a knife for protection.

A media release says Tubbs then brought out a larger knife and raised it above his head in a threatening manner.

Police got there before the situation escalated, and no one was hurt.

Deputy Chief Shawn Burke says it's the third high profile knife incident in the past six months in Downtown Burlington.

City leaders are still working on a way to criminalize disorderly conduct so events like this don't happen.

"At the root of this, there's a drunk man, and a drunk man decides to get into a fight with someone, and then when the fight's not going his way, he's producing a knife. So if there were things in place that prohibited drinking, that made drinking unlawful downtown, we wouldn't have these behaviors," said Burke.

Police say Tubbs was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Aggravated Assault.

Anyone who might have witnessed the fight is asked to contact Burlington Police at (802) 540-2358.

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