Cases of the Flu confirmed in Clinton County, New York

Plattsburgh, NY - Cases of the Flu have already been reported in Clinton County, New York as of the beginning of November. However, the Health Department said they don’t normally hear of the flu until the end of January… early February.

It’s not clear if people actually enjoy getting a flu shot, but some who have gotten the flu absolutely think the pinch is worth it.

"I had a flu in the year 2000 and it was lasting... I got pneumonia after the flu so it was lasting until June until I was feeling better,” Eva Jimenez said.

Eva Jimenez was sick for six months. After that experience, she said she gladly gets vaccinated.

"No I want to never never get sick like that,” she said.

Jimenez went to the Clinton County Health Department in Plattsburgh to get a flu shot. She also works there. She is a registered nurse and gives shots as well. She said this year was a little different– she had to get it early.

Darwyna Facteau is the Director of Health Care Services at the Department.

We've seen two reported cases," Facteau said.

Officials said in Clinton County two flu cases have now been reported as of the beginning of November. Those cases are confirmed by lab testing and do not include positive rapid tests conducted in a doctor’s office.

The New Hampshire Department of Health has one lab confirmed case and nine positive rapid tests since the beginning of October.

In Vermont, the Emergency Room at the University of Vermont Medical Center told Local 22 & Local 44 that they’ve seen a “couple” of cases too.

It's actually quite early we don't usually see the flu until the end of January sometimes the beginning of February,” Facteau said.

It's not too late to protect yourself against the flu virus. The best way to do so? Those at the Clinton County Health Department can agree it’s to get your flu shot."

"We really want to encourage people to call their pharmacies and their physicians and make sure that they are vaccinated,” Facteau said. “And doing it a little earlier this year."

Other ways the Health Department suggested to avoid getting the flu include washing your hands and coughing/sneezing into your elbow to avoid spreading germs.

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