Celebrating Charlie Browns' 50th Christmas

Celebrating Charlie Browns' 50th Christmas

By Christine Souders | csouders@nexstar.tv

Published 11/30 2015 11:49PM

Updated 11/30 2015 11:49PM

For 50 years, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" has been watched in living rooms everywhere.

For one Vermont family, Charles Schulz' animated classic has held a more special and personal meaning.

The Peanuts comic strips' most recognizable icon is Charlie Brown.

He's a little socially awkward, sometimes a bit gloomy, but he always manages to persevere.

Local 22/44's Christine Souders was tasked with finding a Charlie Brown living in Vermont.

She searched phonebooks, the internet and social media for some time.

After a few "good grief" moments, Local 22/44's Producer Stephen Brasley shared some words of encouragement.

"Charlie Brown may miss that football every time, but you're going to kick it out of the park," said Stephen Brasley.

We finally found him.

Vermont's very own Charlie Brown of Warren, Vermont.

"I'm an egghead and I don't take life very seriously. I believe in having a great time and people always make fun of me," said Charlie Brown.

He's not the only member from the Peanuts gang we were introduced to.

We also met his Lucy.

She admitted to sometimes being like her bossy character.

"I do give him a bit of a hard time. He usually takes it pretty well," said Lucy Brown.

It doesn't stop there.

Lucy's sister is Patty or Peppermint Patty.

"I love her. I think she's adorable," said Patty Skelly.

Though they share a lot of similarities with the cartoons, there are some differences.

"We don"t have Snoopy, but we have Eva. She is just as sweet as Snoopy," said Lucy Brown.

When it comes to Christmas, they carry on a Charlie Brown tradition.

Cutting down a tree with a few branches and complete with the red ornament.

The Brown's said this anniversary holds a special place in their hearts.

Thanks to Charles Schulz.

"I wish I could have met the man, because he really touched my heart," said Charlie Brown.

We're told the Brown's almost named one of their son's Linus, instead they went with Louis.

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