Chief del Pozo: Crime is Down, Calls for Service Are Up

By Alexandra Leslie |

Published 10/25 2016 10:54PM

Updated 10/25 2016 10:54PM

Tuesday night, the Burlington Police Commission met to discuss mental health crisis response.

Chief Brandon del Pozo shed light on current crime rates in the Queen City.

"Crime is down, and calls for service are almost all categories but they're up in calls for mental health, and they're up in calls for overdose," said del Pozo.

He says though crime in the Queen City is down, the numbers for service calls are worrisome.

"The things that are continuing to be of concern to Burlington are even more so," said del Pozo. 

He says this includes mental health crises, intoxication and drugs. del Pozo says he wants to make sure everyone responding to those mental health crisis calls treats it as such.

"We need clinical support, right? We need support from other stakeholders, even if it's two or three in the morning. And I think that one of the good things that's gonna come of this is understanding that when there's a mental health crisis that really flames up, everybody has to chip in to resolve it safely," said del Pozo.

del Pozo says this depends on all of the city's mental health providers to provide clinical and psychiatric resources 24/7.

"I mean, it could be 4:30 in the morning if a person's in crisis, we're gonna go and we're gonna need some clinical expertise to help resolve the situations and we can't have phones ring out and go to answering machines," said del Pozo.

The Police Commission meets again on November 22.

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