College Students Coming Back Brings Economic Boost to Burlington

Burlington, Vt. - According to the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, there is a huge spike in tourism numbers come August. A large contributing factor is college students returning for the school year.

The Church Street Marketplace is a popular destination with food, entertainment and shops like Keep Vermont Weird. Keep Vermont Weird sells all sorts of state gear. Employee Ellie Hasenohr said they've seen many tourists from across the U.S. and Canada coming into the store this summer and expects the store will see another boost once college students move back to town.

"I bet we'll have a lot of people as of incoming freshman as opposed to returning sophomores, juniors and seniors," Hasenohr said.

She is a junior at the University of Vermont herself.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, tourism and college students in town translates directly into job creation. Vice President of Visitor Services Susan Smith said they go hand in hand because students bring new people to the area.

"Not only do the college students come, their families come so with the influx of students and family coming in we see a great economic boost," Smith said.

Although lines may get longer and streets busier, Smith said we should be thankful students choose Burlington.

"On so many levels it's so important to our economy," Smith said. "We have such a beautiful area here. Not only are the students and their families here but they're going back and telling their friends from out of state and their friends from out of state."

The University of Vermont and Champlain College students are coming back starting August 25.

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