Community Remembers Five Vt. Teens in a Celebration of Life

By Alexandra Leslie |

Published 10/24 2016 11:26PM

Updated 10/24 2016 11:26PM

Monday night, hundreds gathered at Harwood Union High School to remember the five teens killed in a wrong-way driver crash on October 8th.

The school's "Celebration of Life" brought friends and former teachers to speak about Eli Brookens, Janie Chase Cozzi, Liam Hale, Mary Harris and Cyrus Zschau.

Eli's friend Eli Moscowitz recalled when they met in elementary school.

"...When Eli, a tall skinny kid with a big gap tooth grin said, 'Hi my name is Eli!' I couldn't help but shout, 'My name is Eli, too!" recalled Moscowitz.

Janie's friend Anna Jarecki remembered what Janie was able to teach her.

"She taught me what a good sister looks like, and what a good daughter looks like, and what being a good friend meant,: said Jarecki.

Mary's friend Lauryn Green reminded everyone of the love in Mary's heart.

"Please never stop hugging and being grateful for the ones around you. Never stop loving like Mary," said Green.

Liam's friend Anna Fortier said life without Liam won't be the same, but she's very lucky for the time she had with him.

 "I'll love you forever in the spot you have in all our hearts will never be filled because there just never will be another Li," said Fortier. 

Cyrus's friend Eli Hammond said even though he's gone, Cyrus will still be his best friend forever

"In the midst of the tears and the hugs, I'd like to think of the life that boy lived, and how many lives of others he made better, including mine," said Hammond.

Before the night ended with a video tribute, Harwood Union alum and singer, Grace Potter took the stage to honor who she calls, "five stars" by singing her own song, "Stars."

One of their friends also shed light on the last night the friends spent together.

She wanted to let everyone know their last memories before the crash were filled with friendship and happiness, saying they danced the night away, sang their hearts out, and were very happy.

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