Cracking Down on Log Bay Day

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) - Monday would have been Log Bay Day on Lake George; however, law enforcement agencies have made it abundantly clear that the party is over.

Several of those agencies have been on the lake, land, and in the skies making sure the party that was linked to the death of an 8-year-old Charlotte McCue last year never happens again.

In years past, the entire bay would be filled with boaters and people partying but this year’s patrols are making sure that comes to an end.

“We’ve got one two three four five.”

Boaters say they feel safer now that Log Bay Day is over.

“I think it’s a great idea what they’re doing. You can’t be too safe while you’re on the water.”

“It’s always been kind of a Wild West when you have your boat.”

The cancellation of the massive party coming after McCue was killed on Lake George last summer. The man responsible was intoxicated boater Alex West who was at the party earlier that day.

“I think that for a couple years now they’ve needed a reason to break it up and this is much more than what is sufficient to cancel it.”

Joe Johns is the law enforcement director with the Lake George Park Commission and says the elevated patrols have worked.

“Two or three boats have tried to come in for the part we explained to them the bay is closed.”

Johns says everyone is cooperating and that State Police Air Patrols are making sure the party doesn’t happen somewhere else.

He says the shutdown of the party is a long time coming.

“I think it’s much safer today and I think it’s safer overall. We’re really cracking down on the boating while intoxicated.”

Ray Vananden is a marine patrol officer with the Park Commission and was first on scene the night Charlotte McCue was killed.

“When I arrived, the people were just docked.”

This year, his boat had a sticker on it in memory of the little girl.

“It’s a tragic thing that happened to a poor innocent little girl and it should never have happened.”

These patrols and all the others on the lake are working hard to make sure something like that never happens again.

“There’s a reason behind what we do.”

The patrols won’t just stop this year, they plan to do this in every year that follows to make sure that Log Bay Day never happens again.

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