Crete Civic Center is in disrepair

Crete Civic Center is in disrepair

Plattsburgh, Vt. - The Crete Memorial Civic Center has been around since the 70's and hosts everything from soccer games to cooking shows and motor sports, but the Center is in disrepair.

"The roof is the big one, probably could cost upwards of a half a million dollars to repair that," said Plattsburgh Mayor, Colin Read.

In addition to the roof, a 2016 assessment of the building sites issues with plumping and the electrical system.

 “The rest is relatively cosmetic and were doing that on an ongoing bases,” said Read.

But Read says, the value of the structure itself outweighs the cost to maintain it.

"On the other hand you can’t have a structure as valuable as it is to the community without doing things like fixing roofs so where trying to figure out how to do that,” said Read.

Read sees the facility as an asset to the community and so does Clinton County Legislator Simon Conroy.

"A lot of people play soccer there especially, but also touch football and also lacrosse," said Conroy.

But Read says, he would like to see the town and county help to foot the bill.

“We think that the Crete Center is an asset to the entire region and if the county or town would like to partner with us on that we would very much be welcoming of that discussion,” Said Read.

Something that Conroy say the county is willing to lend a hand with.

“It’s pretty clear that the city is in tough financial situation right now in the North Country so if the county can be in some use to the city, we would be glad to see what we can do to help,” said Conroy.

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