Start Up NY to Join Businesses and Colleges


If there's anything Clinton Community College wants its students to leave with it's a job.

It really is looking at getting people ready to work, the skills that they need," Community Workforce Development Director Paul DeDominicas said.

Dedominicas is hoping for a future where jobs come to them because of Start Up NY, a bill passed in the state legislature that encourages new or out-of-state companies to locate near SUNY schools.

"It's just a matter of who's coming and what they need and we're flexible enough to be able to do that," DeDominicas said.

The reason companies would come is that the state was flexible with its tax exemptions in order to attract businesses to relocate. Companies using the program will get ten years of all tax exemptions. Employees will get a five year income tax exemption with the possibility of another five years depending on their salary.

That factor was something some current business owners were uncomfortable with, fearing that new businesses could lure away current employees. They were joined by Assemblywoman Janet Duprey before she decided to vote for it.

"Did I still have a little apprehension when I pushed that green light to say yes? A little but certainly outweighed by what could be some really strong possibilities here in the North Country," Duprey said.

The businesses would have to affiliate with SUNY schools as well. Other restrictions include excluding businesses that would compete with existing ones. The company also couldn't be retail, wholesale or restaurant oriented.

Duprey says the bill isn't about taking away from current businesses but bringing in more new jobs.

"We have so many college graduates who are looking for jobs who are underemployed or not employed at all and we have a workforce here in the North Country with a great ethic," Duprey said.

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