Essex Students Write to Remember Gunnar Schumacher

Published 12/19 2013 06:17PM

Updated 12/19 2013 07:27PM

At the Essex High School auditorium Thursday students covered the walls with their best memories of 14-year old Gunnar Schumacher. Writing to remember the friend they lost too soon.

“I’ve known him since 7th grade he was on my team and he was really amazing actually,” Essex Freshman Danielle Krueger said.

Krueger and Emily Moehn also went to middle school with the fellow freshman.

“Even if you weren't happy he'd make you laugh so you would be happy,” Moehn said

In the auditorium, Danielle and Emily say there were a lot of tears. The two of them found out about Gunnar's death Wednesday night before a tough day at Essex High School.

“I attended every class Gunnar would have been in today,” Essex High School principal Rob Reardon said.

“Also people were in his sister's class Elise, who is a junior.”

Reardon said Elise Schumacher was at school for a few minutes Thursday before leaving.

In a news conference Thursday Reardon said his school followed crisis protocol. They offered guidance and counsel to any student who needed it and the auditorium was open at any time of the day for students to reflect on what Gunnar with others.

Reardon said Gunnar's father Ludwig Schumacher called the teen out of school for both Tuesday and Wednesday for family issues. He says it’s not unusual for parents to call students out of school.

Reardon says Gunnar was involved in soccer and music production.

“He was part of the school and had transitioned very well,” Reardon said.

His transition to Essex High happened at the same time police say his father was going through a divorce. Reardon said he was aware of family issues the Schumacher’s were having.

Essex Police also say the 49-year old Schumacher left a letter at the apartment where they found the two.

They haven't released what was in the letter but say it's consistent with their investigation of a murder-suicide.

But for Gunnar’s friends he won't be remembered by the terrible circumstances in which he died but instead by how he lived.

“I would have never thought of this before but I’m going to miss him so much,” Danielle Krueger said.

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