Families Think Outside the Box to Grow

By Alaina Pinto | apinto@nexstar.tv

Published 11/30 2015 06:21AM

Updated 11/30 2015 06:21AM

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Some families must think outside of the box to grow.

"Just to hold him in your arms and hear him cry its an amazing experience," said Father, Adam Shafer.

Jennifer Stocker and husband Adam Shafer of new haven describe their journey to grow their family as a "long road," especially, after  becoming pregnant naturally didn't work.

"We decided we wanted my tubal reversed and that led to miscarriages and finally they just said my tubes don't work anymore the only other option that we have is IVF," said Stocker.

Stocker chose to try IVF at Northeastern Reproductive Medicine in Colchester. Doctors there say there are three things that can cause couples to have difficulty becoming pregnant naturally. Tubal factors like Jennifer, egg factors like poor quality eggs or difficulty ovulating or low sperm counts or motility issues. Using IVF can be an expensive decision.

Jennifer Brown, MD, a physician at Northeastern Reproductive Medicine says, "You can go to other states and easily pay 20,000 dollars a cycle so what we have decided to do is keep it simple, cost effective, only do the testing that we need to do, while being thorough."

The cost of IVF can vary. For one cycle without insurance it can cost $8,000 or more. It may have worked for Jennifer and Adam, and baby Abel, but IVFisn't the option for everyone.

"Being that we already wanted to have adopted children we didn't want to go to the extent of medical technology when there are more children waiting to be adopted than there are people wanting to adopt children," said Gabriel Mcgann.

Gabriel and Amanda Mcgann adopted their son Gideon after spending a little less than a year attempting to have biological children. Adoption can cost as much or even more than IVF. Now, the Winooski couple is ready for a second. And are getting creative financially, that's where crowd funding comes into the picture.

"We knew after Gideon's adoption that our community is incredible that they are for it and  you really raise your family in community anyway with the people around you sharing and loving your kids and seeing them grow up," said Amanda Mcgann.

In this case, the community is helping the Mcganns by making online donations. They've raised thousands already, and are now waiting for the rest of the money they need and baby number two to come along.
Back in New Haven, Jennifer and Adam are still getting used to having a newborn. They say another is a possibility down the road. And with a new house and a growing family to provide for, the idea of crowd funding, is appealing.

 "I mean i would definitely help somebody who is trying to have their child and were unable to as we were," said Shafer.

While there are many ways to build a family, there's one thing these Vermont couples can agree on.  

"It was definitely well worth it... Well worth every waking minute," said Shafer.

Copyright 2015 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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