Fire Departments Practice 'Big Rig' Rescue

By Spencer Conlin |

Published 07/23 2016 08:33PM

Updated 07/23 2016 08:33PM

On Saturday, four local fire departments trained together to prepare for removing people from accidents involving ‘big rigs’.

Firefighters worked through three different scenarios ranging from a flipped over vehicle to a car pinned beneath a large truck. The firefighters learned how to properly raise vehicles while avoiding further injury to victims. The hands-on training allowed the firefighters to learn how to work with different equipment and work together.

"Anytime that we have the availability to have those vehicles to practice vehicle extrication removal is a phenomenal one for us, as firefighters we would like to train as often as we can, most departments in the area cover large stretches of interstate roads and rural terains where vehicles can go off the road at any moment in time,” said Prescott Nadeau, Williston Fire Department.

A local tow company was also on hand for Saturday’s training since they often work alongside the fire departments.

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