Fire Safety Tips for College Students

COLCHESTER, Vt. - Perhaps one of the last things on the mind of college students, is fire safety. But as students head back to school there are some small precautions they can take, that can help keep the whole campus safe and fire free. 

Prescott Nadeau of the Williston Fire Department says 85 percent of all residential college fires occur because of cooking. To avoid becoming a part of that statistic Nadeau recommends only cooking in places designated for cooking. 

“If a fire does start in a dorm room microwave, leave that door shut, unplug that microwave and then call the fire department,” Nadeau said. 

Another important safety tip Nadeau suggests is making sure you have an operational smoke and carbon monoxide detector. 

“It’s your early warning device that is going to help you get out,” Nadeau said. 

Nadeau warns students not to disable those devices, and don’t hang anything on fire sprinkler systems. 

“Not only can that cause it to go off creating a lot damage and a big mess, but it’s also going to reduce the effectiveness. That sprinkler system is designed to save your life,” Nadeau said. 

If a fire does breakout in a campus dorm or an off campus house it’s important to call the fire department early. 

“Don’t delay calling the fire department. That delay can be extremely hazardous down the line, with fire growth growing. It doubles in size every minute,” Nadeau said. 

Nadeau also warns against plugging multiple devices in at once. He says many older off campus homes may not be able to keep up with the demand for some of today’s technology. 

“Don’t over load those surge protectors or those electrical outlets, it still produces a demand which can be eventually hazardous,” Nadeau said. 


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