Fit on Fox: Da Vinci Bodyboard

Published 08/13 2014 10:18AM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:33AM

You have probably heard about Da Vinci, but how about the Da Vinci Bodyboard?

Developed in Vermont this long, sleek, hard-surfaced board is covered by soft mats and equipped with four sets of resistance bands, plus an additional band on the sides. The concept of the exercise is to set yourself in multiple positions and repeat focused exercises for particular muscles. The goal is to get a complete body workout in just 30 minutes! The Da Vinci Bodyboard is also used in physical therapy.

Fit on Fox host Steve Glazier joined Laura Savard at All Wellness Physical Therapy & Pilates in Burlington to get a taste of the workout. The workout began with an easy-going warm up using red bands on the side of the board that had very little resistance. As a result you can swing the bands in many different directions and do squats with the band across your shoulders or even jumping jacks.

Then the exercises diverted to individual muscle groups such as curls, knee-ins, rows, butterflies, etc. Meanwhile there were very short breaks between exercises to give the heart rate a brief brake. Otherwise this is a workout where the heart rate is pretty high! The exercises were completed to fast-paced music similar to many workout classes. At the end Steve and the crew did a hard couple of minutes of fast-paced cardiovascular excesses including sprints.

The Da Vinci Bodyboard is offered at numerous wellness and fitness facilities across the area.

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