Fit on Fox: New Exercises For Your Routine

Published 01/08 2014 06:48AM

Updated 02/14 2014 10:12AM

Steve Glazier met up with Personal Trainer Norm Granger from the Sports & Fitness Edge in South Burlington to get workout moves and ideas to excite the exercise routine.

Do the following exercises one after the other, 10-15 repetitions each, and two rounds of it:

Toe Touch Situps
Keeping your core tight, lay flat on the floor and sit up with your right arm above you and touch your left toe as you bring that up simultaneously. Do that 10-15 times then switch to the left hand to right toe touch. Once that combination is finished, raise both arms to touch both toes as you sit up and do that 10-15 times.

Medicine Ball Pushups
Get into push up position with one hand on the floor and the other on a medicine ball. Do one push up and roll the ball to the other hand and then do another push up with that hand on the ball. Do this in a pyramid style, one push up with each hand on the ball, then two push ups while the ball is on the same side, then three, four, and finally five before sending the ball over to the other hand to do the reps.

Kettle Bell Row And Standup
With two kettle bells on either side of your foot, raise your left foot and leg back and lean forward, keeping your back straight. Keep your right hand on the kettle bell while the left hand pulls the other KB back like starting a lawnmower. Do that 10-15 times. Then with your left foot still in the air behind you, stand straight up with both KB's in your hand, lower yourself back to the leaning forward position, then return upright 10-15 times. Repeat both for the right side.

Kettle Bell Lift and Push
Taking one kettle bell between your legs, with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, hold the KB like a football hiked between your legs as you're bent over. With your arms and back straight, lift your upper body up and raise the KB over your head. Then with the KB overhead, flex your elbows back so the weight is lowered behind your head, then push it back up over your head to work the triceps. Do this complete move 10-15 times.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Bicep Curls
With your right foot behind you on a bench or structure, dip into a lunge with your left foot. Make sure your knee stays behind the tip of your toe to prevent injury. In the meanwhile hold a dumbbell weight with your right hand and when you rise from the lunge position, curl it and then press it to the ceiling. Repeat 10-15 times then switch to the other leg.

Kettle Bell Swings
With one arm behind your back, stand with your legs shoulder width apart, lean down but keep your back straight. Pick up the kettle bell and slightly squat down, then stand up and swing the KB in front of you, all the while keeping your back straight and core tight. Repeat 10-15 times and then switch to the other hand/arm.

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