Former New York Nurse Pleads Guilty to Engaging in Sex Acts with a Patient

She will have to give up her license and register as a sex offender

Malone, NY - A former addiction treatment nurse in Saranac Lake pleaded guilty to two charges the New York State Justice Center announced Tuesday.

Jessica Dresser, 31, of Plattsburgh, plead guilty to sexual misconduct and drug possession charges.  Dresser is a licensed practical nurse, formerly employed by St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers.

Officials say Dresser will give up her nursing license and will have to put her name on the state sex offender registry as part of her plea deal.

The charges stem from incidents in February 2016, where officials say Dresser engaged in sexual conduct with someone receiving in-patient treatment for opioid addiction.  On one occasion, Dresser gave the victim drugs before sexual conduct.

"The defendant not only violated the law to satisfy her own sexual gratification," said Special Prosecutor Patricia Gunning.

"She also subjected the victim to a possible setback in treatment. People responsible for the care and rehabilitation of those who suffer from addiction to need to know what disruptions in treatment cause by such misconduct will not be tolerated," Gunning continued.

According to the New York Justice Center, Dresser is scheduled to be sentenced June 23 in Franklin County Court, she is expected to be sentenced to 60 days in jail and 6 years of supervised probation.

Officials say Dresser had previously been facing rape charges.

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