Gov. Candidate Profiles: Sue Minter

By Rachel Aragon |

Published 07/28 2016 09:32PM

Updated 07/28 2016 09:32PM

Democrat Sue Minter served in the Vermont House, lead Vermont's Transportation Agency and served as Vermont's Irene Recovery Officer.

"I also understand what it means to be an advocate for this state, fighting for funding from FEMA, from the federal agencies," says Minter.


As Governor, she says she wants to fight for more economic opportunity. She supports increasing the minimum wage eventually to $15 an hour.

"Wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. That's why I support the increase of the minimum wage, but also equal pay for equal work and paid family leave."

The mother of two says too many young Vermonters are leaving the state. Minter wants to change that by giving them a shot at a livable wage and job security.


"I’m committed to addressing this economic opportunity gap. Vermont Promise is two years tuition free at the Community College of Vermont or Vermont Technical College to give more young Vermonters a chance to not just stay in Vermont but to succeed."

Minter is a Waterbury Center resident, but having travelled across the state she sees room for improvement.

"We are here on Lake Champlain and we know that in some parts is dying and we need a Governor who has been in the trenches and set on creating a program to clean up Lake Champlain and who is ready to lead on that."

She says another issue she's ready to take the lead on is responsible gun ownership.

"To stand up for strong for gun safety, specifically background checks for all gun sales.”


Minter says she believes gun rights and the second amendment can go hand in hand with gun safety, and she says it's been done before.

"It's made a difference in states that have taken the step for background checks for all gun sales, and it's made a difference in saving women's lives, in preventing suicides and actually police lives.”

As for what sets her apart from the other candidates, Minter says she has a track record of bringing people together.

"I also know it takes all of us together and that's what happened in Irene and that's what I know we need to clean up Lake Champlain, to address all of the challenges, we need to be all united."


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