Governor Shumlin signs Executive Order to Promote Environmentally Friendly Businesses

By Kristin Frechette |

Published 07/19 2016 01:29PM

Updated 07/19 2016 01:29PM

On Tuesday, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed an Executive Order that will put companies who are fighting climate change and using clean energy first in line for hundreds of millions of dollars in state contracts. 

“Climate change is the most urgent environmental issue of our time,” Gov. Shumlin said.

“Vermont has been a leader in America when it comes to combating global warming, but we can and must do more. By using our significant purchasing power as a state to reward climate-conscious businesses, we will help promote those efforts and encourage other businesses to adopt similar practices,” added Shumlin.

The Executive Order will favor businesses that take measures to help the environment.  Some examples how business can fight climate change include using thermal and electric efficiency conservation, using renewable energy sources and using electric or zero emission vehicles.

Officials say the state of Vermont has the highest number of people per capita with clean energy jobs in the country.

This Executive Order will stay in place unless a future Governor decides to repeal it.

You can see the Executive Order here


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