Healthy Back to School Snacks for the Lunch Box

COLCHESTER, Vt. - Back to school is a busy time of year, and when in a rush it can be tough to remember to healthy and nutritious foods Whole Health Nutrition is sharing some easy ways to keep your kid’s lunches healthy, but still easy. 

Sierra Guay of Whole Health Nutrition suggests trail-mix. 

“Trail-mix is good because there are endless possibilities, and it also doesn’t need to be refrigerated which is very helpful,” Guay says.  

She suggests homemade trail-mix, because it’s a good way to get kids into the kitchen and involved in the snack making process. 

Guay does have some do’s and don’ts when making your own trail-mix. When picking out fruit, she suggests opting for the low sugar or unsweetened dried fruits. It’s also important to remember this when picking out nuts. She says to be wary of a high sodium content it a lot of nuts bought from the store. 

If your child is allergic to nuts, Guay mentions some creative substitutes that still contain a source of protein. She suggests various types of seeds or edamame. 

When packing your child’s lunch and dishing out the trail mix, it’s important to remember serving size, Guay says. Trail-mix can be a higher calorie snack or meal, so she says moderation is key. 



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