Fit on Fox: Playground Workout

Published 09/03 2014 10:04AM

Updated 09/03 2014 11:41AM

Now that school is back in session we thought it would be timely to feature the common playground as the next place you will exercise. We do recommend using a public playground while making sure you let the kids and their playtime take priority. However if it's open then hop right in!

Fit on Fox Host Steve Glazier met with Caleb Vallencourt, the Fitness Director from the Sports and Fitness EDGE in the greater Burlington area. Caleb does the playground workout when on vacation, when it's nice outside, or when he's in the mood. Here are some of the exercises he and Steve went through at the playground. Note we will list the exercises and the level of difficulty.

Push ups
Easy - Using a park bench put your hands on the bench and feet on the ground, lower yourself and push back, breathing out when pushing.
Moderate - Flat, straight push up on the ground
Hard - Feet up on something (in the playground or on a bench) with hands on the ground (inclined) push up.

Pull ups
Easy - Feet on the ground, hanging onto an object on the playground set that allows your body to be at about a 45 degree angle, pulling yourself to the top of that object and back down.
Moderate - Hanging from the monkey bars but with one or two feet on another bar below, allowing your legs to help push you up into a pull up.
Hard - Hanging with no assistance from legs and pulling up.

Core (Abs)
Easy - Sit ups
Moderate - Hanging from the monkey bars (straight arm) and raising your knees to your waist height or chest
Hard - Hanging monkey bars and lifting the legs all the way to the top of the bars

You can also do monkey bar swings, use the parts of the playground to push and pull yourself all over the place, make a circuit of these workouts, and even add some more of your own!

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