Fit on Fox: Warrior

Published 09/03 2014 10:39AM

Updated 09/03 2014 11:37AM

This week's Fit on Fox is a little more intense than the previous ones, if you can't already tell by the title! Training For Warriors (TFW). This is a national program and is offered locally in Williston, Vermont at the Sports & Fitness EDGE. Mike Porter from the Parisi Speed School (located inside the EDGE) is one of the instructors for TFW. Mike was featured in Fix on Fox before, Fit on Fox: Speed.

Training For Warriors is a bit intense, I will admit. However you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. The underlying exercise of TFW is a routine called Hurricanes. Hurricanes, just like the actual ones, have categories. The TFW Hurricanes involve sprinting weaved in between weightlifting or power exercises. For example, I took on a Category 4 Hurricane workout as follows.

Sprint to the 20 yard line and back, 3 times, then move right into dumbbell chest press lying flat on a bench, then move right into seated rows to work the back muscles. By the time I was done with the three exercises (back to back to back) I was exhausted! So the TFW regimen kindly includes a 30-second resting period before the sprints start again. The goal is to do nine total sets, three of the ones listed above, then two more (sets of 3) exercise bundles of different exercises. No, you can't get away from doing the sprints! That is always one of them. I also did dips, twists for abs, "thrusters", and what I call 'ball slams.'

TFW is free for the first class! So there isn't much to lose there. However afterward you do have to pay for each class. The classes run about an hour long, 45 minutes of pretty constant exercising within, along with a warm up, cool down, and nutritional information. I can attest it was a tough workout, but according to Mike there are fitness abilities of all levels because as mentioned you can push yourself to your own capability.

-Steve Glazier

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