SUNY Plattsburgh Screens For Ebola

By Alex Rose

Published 08/29 2014 11:08PM

Updated 08/29 2014 11:51PM

Plattsburgh, NY- There's been a lot of talk about Ebola in the United States, and that's now spilling over to SUNY Plattsburgh. The university want student to be prepared and informed.

"We're kind of doing our due diligence to monitor the health of our students," said SUNY Plattsburgh Director of Student Health Kathleen Camelo.

Camelo and the University reached out to the students that have either been, or are from western Africa.

Camelo says more than five percent of SUNY Plattsburgh students are from overseas.

Some students from SUNY don’t know much about the Ebola virus, that's why the health center was giving out packets with frequently asked questions and answers to certain international students. That way they can know the facts.

“They've done their part,” said SUNY Plattsburgh student Nana Mensah. Mensah is originally from Ghana. “They've sent us emails.”

“In the event that they develop symptoms, we gave them instructions on what they needed to do,” Camelo said.

Camelo says that most students aren't concerned about the virus being on campus, and students including Mensah agree.

“Personally I'm not scared because I'm not in Africa,” Mensah said.

Even so, Mensah thinks there needs to be more education about the virus.

“More awareness should be on it,” Mensah said. “We have the ALS challenge, but I don't see any focus on Ebola.”

We reached out to several colleges and universities in Vermont, but none are screening for Ebola right now.  New York Universities have caught on to the trend.

“I know our sister institutions in the SUNY system have been basically doing what we're doing. The whole idea is communication."

The students who were screened are being monitored for the next month. The health center gave them thermometers to try and monitor their temperatures, if they do catch a fever.

So far none of the students have symptoms of the virus.

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